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Cedar Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools



Welcome to Counseling! We are proud to serve all students by helping them make a successful transition through high 
school to reach their ultimate goal of graduation. Students receive individual personal/social counseling to help them cope and overcome obstacles that can be barriers to learning.

The Counselors provide ongoing academic advisement for students to gain an understanding of their graduation requirements,credits, gpa, and course offerings (i.e. Advanced Placement, career pathways, and dual enrollment). Counselors share information about scholarship opportunities, answer questions about colleges, careers, and help students plan for their future beyond high school.

The Counseling Team is readily available and can be contacted via Email, Google Voice, Microsoft Teams, and Verge.
8:00 A.M-4:00 P.M.
We will respond to your emails and requests within 24 hours during the virtual office hours. 

Ms. Hycine Robinson
Counselor for All 11th Graders &12th Graders Last Names S-Z
Head Counselor
Main Office (678) 874-4002

Dr. Rachina Heron   
Counselor for All 9th Graders and 12th Graders Last Names A-H
Main Office (678) 874-4002

Mrs. Tywanda Williams
Counselor for All 10th Graders and 12th Graders Last Names I-R
Main Office (678) 874-4002

Mrs Nicole Richardson
Counseling Secretary 
Main Office (678) 874-4002
Mrs. Lotia Morrow
Main Office (678) 874-4002
Ms. Mari Perkins
Data Clerk 
Main Office (678) 874-4002

Mrs. Vickie Christopher
Post-Secondary Transition Specialist
Main Office (678) 874-4002

Dr.Cynthia Turner 
School Social Worker


        Counseling Services