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Cedar Grove High School

Dekalb County Schools

Attendance Office


In order to become productive members of society, self-directed learners, collaborative workers, and quality producers who are prepared for the world of employment, it is necessary that all students develop good attendance habits and learn to take responsibility for their attendance. Additionally, to help our school community to develop to its full potential, everyone must be an active contributing member of the community. Those members of our school community who are absent are not able to contribute to the growth of others or themselves. Because everyone in a community is valuable and must learn to contribute his/her time, energies, and talents to improving the welfare of him/her and others and the quality of life in our diverse community, attendance at school is extremely important. In order to impress upon students the importance and value of their contribution to the school community, and in order to further student achievement of the school mission and exit outcomes, the following attendance criteria is established and must be met by all students before credit for any class is granted:

Students are expected to be in school during all regularly scheduled school time. A student having more than ten (10) total unexcused absences in any one class may not receive credit for that semester.

Notes from home are to be taken to the Attendance office secretary prior to reporting to first period on the day that a student returns from their absence. Notes will not be accepted beyond 3 days after return to school. A student who does not have a written note on file from a parent/guardian will receive an unexcused absence. Please note that only five (5) handwritten notes regarding illness will be accepted. Additional absences will require a physician’s note.

Upon return from short-term absences, students will be responsible for making arrangements with individual teachers to make up work missed during their absence. Generally speaking, all homework, quizzes, and tests should be made up within one day following a one-day absence, two days following a two-day absence, etc. In case of long-term absences, parents may make arrangements to pick up homework from the counseling office (one day advance notice is requested). Students are expected to make doctor and dental appointments outside the school hours whenever feasible.

The school will notify parents/guardians when excessive absences occur in any one class. This notice is in addition to teacher reports, mid-term notices, and report cards issued every nine weeks.  25

Student attendance and grades can be checked on-line (Parent Assistant) at any time using the student’s personal pin number.

Morning Check-In Procedures
Office Procedure - If a student is late in arriving to school, he/she must report to the attendance’s office immediately to sign in after 8:30 am. This must be done before going to a class or their locker.
No exception
1. If the reason for the tardiness is excused, an excused pass will be issued and the student  proceeds to his/her locker/class. 
2. If the reason for the tardiness is unexcused, a penalty will be assigned as specified in the 
discipline section of this handbook. Students will also be issued an unexcused pass so that they 
may proceed to their locker/class.