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Students & Staff at Cedar Grove HS Are Literally
Wrapping Their Arms Around Science and Increasing School Pride

What relieves stress, improves sleep, and increases confidence and well-being? According to medical research, it’s a good ole hug!

Putting science to the test, Cedar Grove High administrators have been kicking off the school day with students who welcome the simple gesture, along with a smile that always accompanies the moment.

Whether it’s students arriving by bus or their parent’s vehicles every Wednesday morning, they are greeted with a smile and a hug from administrators and some of their classmates.

The idea originated with Ms. Shontica Wallace, the school’s Attendance Protocol Manager, who wanted to show students that the school’s staff cared about every student.

“I believe love conquers all. We can’t possibly know what these kids are dealing with outside of school,” Ms. Wallace said. “But I know that they are with us eight hours of the day, so let’s start the day off with love so that they can see, feel, and really know that they are loved.”

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